About us

Aeolis Forecasting Services emerged from a special intest group of the KNMI, aiming at a broader use of meteorological information than broadcasting on different media. From the start commerce and industry showed high interest in the relation between the weather and the company results.
private company

In 1998 Aeolis Forecasting Services became a private enterprise especially aiming at applied research. In a later stage the research results were used to support the customers in their operations and the character of Aeolis Forecasting Services shifted from research agency to weather service provider.
energy sector

As the energy markets in Europe gradually became more and more liberalised, Aeolis started to develop products and services to support the energy sector.
development continues

Product development

The development of new products still continues. The latest products are a radar forecast to support www.meteox.com and a radiation forecast to support solar facilities. Our computers run high resolution numerical weather models, to support customers in remote areas.